it was a dark night.
an abandoned graveyard somewhere behind ostkreuz…
the wolves were howling their songs and the flames from the furnaces round revaler strasse were blazing in the night sky.
a scream thrills the silence!
an explosion!
a blast wave!
a tattoed arm is breaking through the ground!
the fingers are forming the sign of satan!
loamy chunks are swirling through the air.
the wolves are pausing…. a new song is starting! harder and more beautilful then theirs!
when pop died nobody wept! when metal died nobody cared!
but now they are back to take revenge! reunificated in the fresh dress of techno!
with a new name, stronger then ever, they are cutting a lane through the established club-culture.
it is impossible to kill them as they are already dead!
it is not possible to tire them as they do not need sleep!
it is impossible to blind them because sunlight is not existing for them!
the strobo is giving them power, the illuminated corona over the floor is showing them the way!
they are calling themselves „one foot in the rave“.
for sure they are going to quiver you!